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Sydney Australia Tourist Info and City Guide

Sydney Australia operates a comprehensive public transit system that is comprised of commuter trains, city buses, light rail trains (trams) and passenger ferries.

The commuter rail service is called Sydney Trains.  Travellers can use their credit card to "tap-in" and "tap-out" to pay fares.

Visitors to Sydney can alternatively purchase an "Opal" card, which can provide additional some savings depending on usage patterns etc.

Bus Service in Sydney Australia
Sydney Public Transit

Opal cards are available at Sydney Airport, at convenience stores and at news agents throughout the city.  The card can be used for payment on all metros, trains, buses and ferries in the city.  Passengers must "tap in" and "tap out" to record the time and duration of the trip.

An Opal card also be used on the NSW Train Link that runs from the Sydney International Airport.

Note: Refunds of unused Opal card amounts are only allowed if you have an address or bank account in Australia.

Passengers can enjoy the same Opal benefits by using a credit card.  Make sure, however, to use the same card to "tap-in" and "tap-out"

For more information please visit the TransportNSW website.


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